In this session, you will be listening to an unedited audio recording of teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche on November 16, 1991 with Jewel Heart New York.

This public teaching, which Gelek Rimpoche later explains also sets the stage for the following day’s workshop Fear and Fearlessness, begins with a delightful introduction by Rimpoche’s devoted friend Allen Ginsberg.

In this session, Rimpoche reminds us that our nature is beautiful and wonderful however, the problems we encounter in life are because that nature is covered by ignorance and delusions, such as anger, attachment, jealousy and fear. Rimpoche draws our attention to the mundane and spiritual role that alert awareness can play in our daily life, and particularly how important it is in overcoming the strength of these negative habitual patterns and behaviors.

Noting the role fear plays in our life – that we are afraid of facing life, of knowing the truth about ourselves and our delusions, and certainly afraid of loss – Rimpoche highlights how awareness works as protection for us. With awareness we can begin to cut through the fear and negativity in our life and turn the signals of delusion into signals for love, compassion and wisdom, and develop the recognition that, with awareness as our spiritual practice, truth will transcend fear.

This single session is over one and one half hour in length.

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