In this series, you will be listening to original unedited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche during the 2006 Summer Retreat held in at Albion College, in Albion, MI.

Buddha discovered that happiness and joy find their way into our hearts through caring for others. When we look in to the faces of need, of sorrow, compassion rises and we are compelled to bring an end to their grief, to their suffering. Where do we begin? What are we to do?

Buddha taught that we begin with ourselves and look deeply into the mirror of compassion.

In this Jewel Heart Summer Retreat, Gelek Rimpoche raises the mirror of self-reflection to allow us to deepen our understanding of the universal heart through familiarity with our own. In order to help others, we must know well how to care for and help ourselves.

Teaching compassion on the basis of the living tradition of the Buddha, Gelek Rimpoche guides us step by step along topics that empower us to understand hot wot best care for ourselves and ultimately, for others.

Fourteen sessions in total, they range from approximately one hour to two hours in length.

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