In this session, you will be listening to an unedited audio recording of teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche on March 26, 1991 at Jewel Heart Ann Arbor.

Tuesday evening teachings with Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor was a tradition that continued for many years. The presentation in this week’s session was titled “Laziness”.

Laziness is a common troublemaker for every walk of life. It is particularly true for spiritual practitioners intent on developing and increasing positive qualities while reducing habitual reliance on negativity. Considering laziness, Rimpoche reminds us it can even take seemingly justifiable forms, including what he refers to as “busy-lazy”. Ultimately, laziness only allows us to avoid doing what it is we should be doing.

The straightforward antidote to laziness is enthusiasm, enthusiasm that sincerely appreciates the value of our rare and precious opportunity to genuinely help ourselves make a difference in our life, an opportunity that is absolutely impermanent.

This single session is approximately one hour in length.

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