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The audio-on-demand teachings by Gelek Rimpoche and other guests on the extensive range of dharma topics in this section are available for digital dharma subscribers.

The Unique Path to Liberation

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In this series, you will be listening to the original unedited audio recordings of Gelek Rimpoche’s weekend teachings during the 2009 Fall Retreat held at Garrison Institute, in Garrison, NY.

On the basis of the “Meaningful Praise of Tsong Khapa” by the 17th century scholar Guntang, Gelek Rimpoche presents the unique path to liberation through the extraordinary qualities and contributions of the great 14th century master, Je Tsong Khapa. Sharing his profound methods for developing compassion and wisdom along the path of enlightenment, Gelek Rimpoche helps us understand how relying on compassion and wisdom will make a positive difference in our lives.

7 sessions in total, they range from one and one half to approximately two hours in length.

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