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The audio-on-demand teachings by Gelek Rimpoche and other guests on the extensive range of dharma topics in this section are available for digital dharma subscribers.

Three Principles of the Path – Ann Arbor 1996


In these sessions, you will be listening to unedited audio recordings of teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche in 1996 at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor, MI.

With these teachings, Gelek Rimpoche lays out three principal aspects that shape our spiritual path. With Rimpoche’s guidance, we are introduced to various points for study, inner reflection and analysis within the context of our individual lives. As we process these important aspects, we develop direction and purpose on our spiritual path, and with clear understanding of our spiritual goals, we hope to ultimately achieve the greatest of these goals - complete capacity to help all beings on their quest to be forever free from suffering.

Seven sessions in total, they are all approximately one hour to one hour and a half in length.

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