In this session, you will be listening to an unedited audio recording of teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche on January 29, 1991 at Jewel Heart Ann Arbor.

Tuesday evening teachings with Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor was a tradition that continued for many years. The presentation in this week’s session explores the question of “Understanding Anger”

Anger is always a hot (and sometimes cold) topic. As Rimpoche often brings to our attention the common tendency to deny or justify our anger, such as when we say, “I’m not angry, but….”, or when we take our defense of anger to the extent that we feel no good action will come into being unless we unleash our anger.

Gelek Rimpoche addresses the delusion of anger, sharing the importance of recognizing and gradually reducing our reliance on this harmful and non-productive reaction, and encouraging us to observe how readily we may be submitting to its convincing and seemingly natural call to action.

This single session is approximately one hour in length.

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