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Three Principal Aspects of the Path


In this series, you will be listening to the lightly edited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche during the 2009 Spring Retreat held at Garrison Institute, in Garrison, NY.

A life guided by compassion for our self opens our hearts to see how all beings equally share the same desire for compassion and joy. When that understanding compels us to work towards the elimination of all suffering for all beings, we recognize the pivotal role wisdom plays in accomplishing that goal.

The success of such a quest rests firmly on these three principle aspects of the spiritual path, helping us to identify our obstacles and our progress along the path to enlightenment.

Gelek Rimpoche teaches here on the basis of the Three Principles of the Path, an important and popular poetic text written by the great 14th century saint and scholar, Je Tsong Khapa, sharing how we can bring these essential aspects into our life.

8 sessions in total, they range from approximately forty-five minutes to one and one half hours in length.

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