2008 Labor Day Weekend Retreat – The Path of Wisdom and Compassion

In this series, you will be listening to the original unedited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche during the 2008 Labor Day Weekend Retreat held at Jewel Heart, in Ann Arbor, MI.

Just as a bird relies on two wings to fly, the union of wisdom and compassion is essential to fulfill life’s aspirations. Informed by wisdom, compassion understands how to be present and helpful in the face of confusion, limitations, and suffering. Inspired by compassion, wisdom is moved to uproot the source of our confusion and being about limitless joy. Working together, they become inseparable, a singular energy dedicated to the benefit and well-being of all.

You are invited to listen, learn, and meditate on Buddha’s authentic and accessible wisdom designed to make your life happier, meaningful and worthwhile.

A happy mind is tranquil indeed;
A tranquil mind is not confused;
To have no confusion is to understand the truth;
By understanding the truth one attains freedom.
– Nagarjuna

Six sessions in total, they range from approximately one and one half hours to two hours in length.

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