In this series, you will be listening to original unedited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche.

In this 2003 Memorial Day Weekend Retreat held in the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY, Gelek Rimpoche focuses on the healing and compassionate activity of Tara. Known as a mother goddess who responds quickly and effectively to any heartfelt request, White Tara is particularly associated with healing, protecting, and stabilizing your life force. Her practice is especially active and helpful during these difficult times, times when our lives are often dominated by intense emotions and fear.

While White Tara is associated with all Kadampa Lamas in general, she is known to have a special relationship with Gelek Rimpoche. During this retreat, Rimpoche teaches a variety of visualizations to enhance and focus the healing energy of White Tara.

Seven sessions in total, they range from just under and over one hour in length.

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