In this series, you will be listening to lightly edited audio teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche as part of the Sunday morning programs in Ann Arbor.

During the years 2007 – 2009, Gelek Rimpoche gave teachings on occasional Sunday mornings as part of the weekly Sunday morning programs. In this series, twelve of Rimpoche’s teachings cover a wide range of topics from Tibetan Buddhism, and while they are offered as an introduction for newcomers to Buddhism, they are rich teachings for long-time experienced practitioners as well.

All fairly brief selections, they walk us through how spirituality can benefit us, taking a look at our lives from many perspectives and sharing how we can increase our kindness to ourselves and others while developing an understanding of the deeper causes that drives our life decisions overall.

The titles of each of the sessions are below –

  1. Why Spirituality?
  2. A Meaningful Life
  3. My Life, My Emotions
  4. Karma
  5. Buddha’s Advice
  6. Freedom through Responsibility
  7. Inspired Discipline
  8. Relinquishing Blame
  9. Compassion Begins with Me
  10. The Kindness of Others
  11. Engaging Wisdom and Compassion
  12. The Illusion of Self

Twelve sessions in total, they are approximately twenty minutes to one hour in length.

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