In this series, you will be listening to unedited audio recordings of a weekend of teaching given by Gelek Rimpoche in May 2000 at Jewel Heart New York.

On the first session of three days of teachings, Gelek Rimpoche informs his audience that he will be talking about something that, inevitably, we all will experience sooner or later – death and dying. And he then adds that in order to talk about that, we find we must also talk about our relationship with life.

Promising to look into topics that almost appear to us as unknowns, Rimpoche tells us he will address what it means to go through death, what signals we may find, how it happens and what we can do about it; as well as how we can prepare and how we can handle ourself.

Offering a perspective to look at the relationship between life and death, Rimpoche proposes looking at life as the union of body and mind and at death as the separation between the two. He then poses that we spend some time reflecting on what being alive means to us.

Five sessions in total, they range from under one hour to approximately one hour and a half in length.

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